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Labour Doula Services

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A labour doula is a non-medical professional that works with families during the perinatal year to provide physical, emotional, and informational support. A doula uses their training and expertise to provide education about birth options and resources, to facilitate communication between clients and care providers, and to assist with establishing healthy breast/chestfeeding and bottle-feeding routines.

Recent medical studies show that the best birth results occurred when the birthing individual had continuous labour support from a doula – someone who was NOT a staff member at the hospital and who was NOT a part of their social network.

In fact, the benefits of a doula were:

*31% decrease in the use of Pitocin/Syntocinon (artificial oxytocin)

*28% decrease in the risk of Caesarean section

*12% increase in the likelihood of spontaneous vaginal delivery

*9% decrease in the use of pharmacological pain relief (e.g. epidural)

*14% decrease in the risk of newborns being admitted to the special care nursery

Source: Hodnett, E.D., S. Gates, et al (2012). “Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth”. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. CD003766. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23076901

Basic Birth Package

  • Complementary consultation (answering your questions about myself and doulas in general)
  • 1-2 prenatal visits (more as needed)
  • Identification of your support needs
  • Establishing strategies for labour and birth
  • Comfort techniques for labour tutorial for you (and your support team) 
  • Meeting with your care provider 
  • Meeting with back-up doula
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail consultations continually throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • 24 hour on-call availability during your due date range (4 weeks – 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after)
  • Continuous birth support (from early labour until approximately two hours after the birth)
  • 1-2 postpartum visits (more as needed), including breastfeeding assistance and well-baby support

Fee for Basic Birth Package Service: $1000
Please note: $500.00 is due upon signing the contract and $500.00 is due at our meeting to discuss the birth plan.