Timshel Holistic Collective


Sherri-Lyn Cranston, our resident belly artist, was invited to a surrogacy retreat to lovingly henna some bellies!

Sherri-Lyn working her magic!



Babies love the feeling of bellies being hennaed and often kick up a storm!

What a masterpiece (and the henna is beautiful, too)!

Another satisfied customer!

It’s obvious the love that Sherri-Lyn brings to her work as a henna artist and as a doula.

Sisters on a journey…

Sherri-Lyn Cranston creates a beautiful belly bowl!

The artist at work

Sherri-Lyn soaks strips of plaster

Coating that gorgeous baby bump

It’s painstaking work, but Sherri-Lyn is very patient and methodical

Things are taking shape

Voila! The belly bowl can then be used to cradle flowers, potpourri, fruit, newborns, and so much more!