Timshel Holistic Collective

After the Flock: Reflections on Flock Yeah Kitchener

I am still processing all of the wonderful goodness that was Flock Yeah Kitchener. A group of incredible, strong and lovely people gathered together this past weekend to share, love, laugh, cry and learn. There’s something about being in a room full of like minded people who are all sharing their stories and opinions that can feel so restorative to one’s own soul.

Being in the energy of this group is so humbling and so peaceful, it’s truly the type of thing that you didn’t even know that you needed until you did it. It’s an opportunity to unplug from the noise of the world and come into a safe, quiet space where you know you will feel that your voice is heard and valued.

It’s interesting how being away from the daily routine of work and family life for the weekend can be so transformational and healing. Personally, I found that I related to my family in a much calmer way and that I chose my words and reactions more carefully than I normally would. It reminds me of how I feel when I first come home from a wonderful vacation, I just feel relaxed, calm and happy (I call it “vacation zen”) and ready to take on whatever comes next. Even in those moments where “life” comes creeping back in, I’m finding that I can stop for a moment and remember to breathe deeply and it somehow makes the task in front of me seem less daunting. I wish that this type of retreat was available to the masses on a frequent basis, just imagine how much happier our population as a whole would be if we were all able to have an outlet to unplug for a couple of days to share and learn and grow.

Even if your life doesn’t allow for a Flock Yeah type of event, I implore every person to make sure that they take some time for themselves as often as they can — be it meditation, treating yourself to a massage, having a deep conversation with a friend or loved one or any other way that “fills your cup” and helps you to feel reinvigorated and connected to yourself and others.

By: Anita Bocian