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Timshel in the News!

Here at the Timshel Holistic Collective, when we say that “our practices are founded on the principles of social and reproductive justice, meaning that we strive to create community based on the beliefs of equality, solidarity, and the importance of human rights”, we aren’t kidding around – we practice what we preach!

Check out this great interview from The Community Edition with our very own Beth Murch! Entitled “Power to the People, One Birth at a Time”, we believe this article showcases just a little of what we at Timshel Holistic Collective do to make a difference in the lives of others: https://communityedition.ca/blog/2016/10/06/power-to-the-people-one-birth-at-a-time/

bethmurchImage by Christine Keachie of Straight Thru Films & Photography