Timshel Holistic Collective


Welcome to Timshel Holistic Collective!

Timshel Holistic Collective consists of ethical, highly-trained multi-skilled professionals offering superior doula and unique complimentary services for growing families in Southern Ontario. Our practices are founded on the principles of social and reproductive justice, meaning that we strive to create community based on the beliefs of equality, solidarity, and the importance of human rights. THC consists of diverse individuals who support your power to choose – to choose what is best for you and your family; to choose what feels meaningful to you; to choose the very best in doula and related services; and to choose to invest in a Collective that values you for being more than a client.

Timshel – (Hebrew) the freedom to choose; “thou mayest”

Holistic – characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account of mental and social, rather than just the physical symptoms

Collective – a group of entities that work together to achieve a common goal

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“Your Choice…Your Voice.”