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Gillian (Gill) Laudano

Gillian Laudano
Gillian (Gill) Laudano (Photography credit: family photo)

My name is Gillian (Gill) Laudano, B.A. (Hons) (she/her pronouns).

I am a doula based out of New Hamburg, Ontario. I have been working with pregnant people and their newly postpartum families since 2004, whether through my various volunteer roles, or as a paid doula in recent years. My love of all things birth started long before that though, way back in 1986 when I had the opportunity to witness the birth of my youngest brother. As an impressionable five year old, I fell in love with the magic of birth right then and there and have been learning ever since.

I have an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University, majoring in Anthropology, where my fourth year thesis project focused on the history of midwifery care in Ontario as well as a comprehensive guide to reproductive services and care providers available to pregnant people in the Hamilton area. I have participated in training through Doulas of North America (DONA), as well as training through Lutherwood as a Cradlelink volunteer. I am committed to continuously learning new information pertaining to my work as a doula and making sure my clients are provided with up to date informational support.

Breastfeeding/chestfeeding is something I am passionate about. I have over a decade of my own personal breastfeeding experience. In my early parenting days, I was a regular at La Leche League meetings and the information shared at those meetings was invaluable. In 2008, I trained to become a Breastfeeding Buddy through the Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre and have been an active volunteer with that program ever since.

I am a busy mom to three amazing daughters and madly in love with my husband. I am proud of the things they are learning from my doula work. I’m pretty sure even the youngest could give an anatomy lesson to her teachers and class, and when in a pinch, we joke that my husband could step in as my back up doula! The lesson I am most proud of them learning is genuine love and respect for one another.

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