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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to:

The mothers that said goodbye and hello at the same time
The mothers who are also fathers whether by choice or by circumstance
The mothers whose children they haven’t seen in years
The mothers who shared their babies with other mothers so that their children could go farther
The mothers who joyfully received other mothers’ babies, continuing the legacy of love
The mothers who have children with four legs and/or feathers and/or tails and/or scales
The mothers whose bellies have never been full and their arms are always empty
The mothers who weep each month and pray for someday
The mothers who looked at the test and cried with fear
The mothers who didn’t want to be mothers
The mothers who couldn’t stop mothering
The mothers whose children made bad Life choices
The mothers whose children went on to save the world in their own unique way
The mothers whose little ones she calls “special” when others say “different”
The mothers that tear down walls, bust balls, and lead revolutions
The mothers that rule from the kitchen with a spoon for a scepter
The mothers that rock heels, hiking boots, Doc Martins, and Birkenstocks
The mothers that wear the pants in the family, the apron in the family, the derby uniform in the family, and the fishnet stockings in the family
The mothers who are mothers regardless of presumed gender or genital arrangement
The mothers who love other mothers and co-mother children together
The mothers who bed their children in wet doorways
The mothers who have colour co-ordinated their children’s backpacks and lunch boxes
The mothers who wake up at 3 AM first with sore nipples and then years later to worry about missed curfews
The mothers who bring forth bread from the earth
The mothers who came before
The mothers who will come after
The mothers who have never come at all
And to The Mother who returns us to Herself when it is time.


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